Heavy Eyes is Available for Streaming and Download!


Heavy Eyes

Check out my latest single, Heavy Eyes, available everywhere right this very second!

We have been lucky enough to receive some nice press about the song already as well as have been included on some lovely Spotify playlists. I’ll say it once and i’ll say it every time, thanks so much for your support and for taking a listen to my music. The musical landscape is more crowded now than it ever has been and for a person to take the time to give my songs a listen, it means a lot to me! Check it out:



…”A gorgeously meandering slice of dream-pop. The whole track is held together by the constant pulse of a distant reverberating piano, as skittering drums, gently unfurling guitars and warm analog synths come together to create a loose drifting whole. Heavy Eyes is a masterpiece


“Absolutely perfect Dream Pop.  Palm Ghosts is back with a new single proving why he is the perfect Dream Pop creator. Joseph Lekkas and a changing cast of bad hombres and nasty women make up Palm Ghosts. Originally from Philadelphia, now living in East Nashville, Lekkas really makes the best dream pop out right now.  Taking a cue from Elliot Smith and the Velvet Underground, wrapped around his own unique vision, you get Palm Ghosts, frighteningly great music.  Check him out before he becomes HUGE.”

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