Greenland Out Now!


Two years in the making, between recording and booking some amazing musicians here in Nashville, I’ve finally found the time to record, compile and upload my new record, Greenland.

Greenland is the name of the street where most of this record was tracked,  in the small guest bedroom of a 1,000 sq/ft tudor bungalow in Inglewood. Drums in the living room, vocals in the bathroom. We do what we can.

About 6 months ago, we bought a house a mile away and turned the basement into a recording studio. The utility closet became the control room, hot water heaters and sm57s, spider traps and preamps. A glorious man cave.

Some of these songs were not supposed to be on the same record. When the muse hits, sometimes it sounds like Kraftwerk, sometimes it sounds like Guided By Voices. I don’t really do one thing. Maybe it’s the producer in me, always trying to mash up different styles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But, after putting all of these songs together in one place, somehow they all seemed to work. You can be the judge, they are your songs now.

I’d like to thank my excellent Nashville and Philadelphia friends for listening, giving suggestions and just being all around lovely people. I’m proud to be creating amongst you.

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