I just realized it has been almost a year since I last posted. For those who have been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing, I’m happy to tell you I’ve been busy as hell!

The 2nd Palm Ghosts record I was working on when I still lived in Philadelphia was finished about 6 months ago, but as soon as I realized it didn’t sound like a Palm Ghosts record to my ears, I changed gears and released the record under the name Abandoned Delta. I’d like to thank Vince Tampio, Walt Epting, Dorie Byrne and Andy Keenan for lending their talents to that record. I hope you enjoy it!

After moving to Nashville, I set up a sweet home studio and began re-working the second Palm Ghosts record. I am proud to tell you that record is finished! I am currently looking at releasing it sometime in the Autumn. The record was recorded in my house in East Nashville and features some help from my friends Erin Nelson on drums and Ben Douglas on guitar on a couple tunes. It will be aptly titled ‘Leaving Northern Liberties’.

In addition to recording my own material, I’ve been recording and producing records by a few great Nashville artists: Ben De La Cour, Casey Jones, Charles Hager and Benjamin Douglas, in addition to mixing a record by Neo Tundra Cowboy, also due out in the fall. I’ve been playing lots of bass, rocking more than a few whiskey fueled bonfires and taking in all this great city has to offer.

So, I’ll be writing more often in the near future, finishing the odds and ends it takes to get this record released and will hopefully be playing some live dates by late fall!

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